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BioGenix’s Founder, Speaks on Athletic Optimization

February 4, 2013

Hydration, and our ability to maintain a healthy balance in hydration, is something athletes traditionally focus on during the actual training session. Dr. Corrado Cultrera and his constituents believe hydration should happen months in advance, and that the BioGenix Sports Optimization system helps. Dr. Corrado, president and founder of BioGenix Sports Optimization, and his team of sports and medical experts, have been developing cutting edge training programs and formulations that promote optimal performance and injury prevention for over 15 years.

Dr. Corrado

Dr. Corrado

Dr Corrado works with and develops training programs for athletes at all levels. His athletes are always looking for the best way to fuel their training and optimize their recovery in order to compete at the highest level possible. The question they all ask most often is, “With so many supplements, sports recovery and energy drinks available to me, what, if anything should I be taking to provide for optimal recovery and performance?

As Dr. Corrado researched the market to determine the best formula or regimen for training, recovery and competition, he realized that something was lacking. While there were plenty of food and drink options out there claiming to, for example, optimize recovery, most of the products were supplements that contained formulations that had chemically refined sugar and sale byproducts that are retained by the body in an unhealthy way over the long term.

In his research, Dr. Corrado looked at the difference between synthetic and homeopathic methods of recovery in order to optimize training. He soon concluded it wasn’t what athletes were ingesting as much as how their body utilized the nutrients entering their body. “I changed my focus from looking for something synthetic —like a power drink—to aid in recovery, to looking a how our bodies are optimizing performance from the foods we eat.”

In 2008, Dr. Corrado and his partners launched BioGenix Sports Optimization, a Sports Recovery and Performance Company that develops specialized sports recovery systems: not just another sports enhancement supplement. The concept behind BioGenix products is that they work on the molecular level. The products work to enhance our bodies, so that we are better able to maintain hydration and electrolytes.

The system that feeds us energy is called the ATP system, hydration and electrolytes regulation. BioGenix Systems are designed to stabilize and maximize that energy system so that fluids and nutrients are better absorbed—in essence, athletes who take the BioGenix Systems during their sports maintenance and performance phases are less tired after workouts and are better able to recover to further train and compete at their maximum potential.

“When you drink something, you are merely going through the process of hydrating yourself. Depending on how your body absorbs and utilizes what you are drinking, you may need more or less water or whatever fluid you are drinking. Our products are meant to work with cells in the body, as a supplemental system, that is taken each day to help our bodies continuously absorb the necessary minerals and electrolytes required to retain optimal hydration.”

“Our products address concerns in the hydration and electrolyte arenas with an extremely focused approach on the primary, secondary, and tertiary energy systems in our bodies involved in sport-specific performance.” he explained.

For athletes requiring explosive actions in sports like hockey, sprinting, weight training, wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts, for example, the BioGenix Optimal Power System is needed to promote the maximal muscular contraction, maximal speed and agility, and efficient lactic acid removal to enhance the ability to quickly repeat the sport specific action

For endurance athletes, like IronMan, Triathalon and Marathon athletes, the same holds true. BioGenix Optimal Endurance System opens the pathways for optimal oxygen and nutrient usage while providing valuable catalysts for being “in it” for the long haul. Optimal Power is for the athlete that depends on efficient usage of oxygen and fuel which leads to the ability to push right thru to the end.

“I’ve been using the product for years,” Dr. Corrado said. “The product is very concentrated. You add droppers’ full to your water or any other drink. It’s virtually tasteless and allows your body to better absorb the fluids you are taking.”

There are three BioGenix Optimal Systems available for athletes:

Optimal Endurance System – for endurance athletes, such as runners, cross-country skiers and cyclists.

Optimal Power System – for sprinters and athletes who compete in shorter-distances sports up to the half marathon.

Optimal Mineral and Electrolytes – for anyone, athlete or not, who wants to have a better nutrient balance.

There are about 3,000 drops in each bottle of BioGenix performance solutions. The liquid supplementation absorbs quickly into the body.

To learn more about BioGenix Sports Optimization and each system, visit www.Bio-Genix.com.



 Winner of 1984 Ironman Canada Triathlon and First in the World Masters Triathlon 2005 (first CDN to break the 10 and 9 hour barrier in an Ironman, nine-time National Age Group Team members, over 140 races and still ‘ticking’).

“I have been a competitive triathlete for almost three decades. Yes, I started racing back in the days where helmets were optional, aero bikes did not exist, and there were no swim wetsuits. However, I did learn early about the value and importance of good nutrition as being an integral part to fueling my success. Early in my racing career I also learned and benefitted immensely from augmenting my nutrition with various natural supplements. Because when you demand the best of your body, it is often difficult to ensure that the body is properly supported, Winterdyk said.

“Recently I was introduced to the BioGenix Optimal Endurance System. The system includes three main product – Optimal Power, Optimal Mineral and Electrolytes, and Optimal Recovery. Each formulated into a water soluble solution. You use them essentially like you would a homeopathic. The trio are the perfect complement to any serious Endurance athlete who wants to optimize their workout and performance. In the few months that I’ve been using the Optimal Endurance System, I’ve seen a noticeable increase in power output, a quicker recovery rate, and an overall feeling of well being. There have also been no ill side-effects. Hence, even though I must resign myself to giving up some speed and strength that comes with being almost 60 years of age, my race performances clearly speak to ‘doing something right’. I’m sold, and I’m happy to share and spread the good news.”


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