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Table of Contents: Sept/Oct Issue 2014

December 2, 2014

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3 Welcome!
Endurance Racing Magazine is a vehicle for communication, so
that endurance athletes all over the world can connect, learn,
and explore.

6 Inner Competitor® Training, Part 4a
Jay Markeiwicz’s fourth in his series of competitive training covers the issues of pain and suffering during competition and how
to turn pain into opportunity.

7 Ghislain Marechal Attemps His Own Personal Challenge International Iron-distance triathlete, Ghislain Marechal, designed his own personal “X Challenge” to test his will and raisemoney for children with medical issues.

8 Climbing for a Cause
Ginna Kelly’s organization centers around using endurance
climbing and hiking to raise awareness for environmental issues.
Soon, Climbing for a Cause will add Running for A Cause.

10 2014 Badwater 135
Harvey Lewis and Aly Venti were the winners of the men’s and women’s divisions of the 2014 Badwater 135 race through
Death Valley.

14 The Falmouth Mile
This year’s Falmouth Mile competition before the New Balance Falmouth Road race added a children’s division in addition to
the high school and elite athletes as well as wheelchair racers.

Eric - Sky Diving16 Eric Friedman: Thrill Seeking: When running isn’t enough
Eric Friedman decided he needed to do something new. His race event, Sky Dive Ultra, challenges athletes to start their first mile by
jumping out of a plane.

18 Double Badwater Finisher, Kenneth Posner
Kenneth Posner set out to run the original Badwater course through Death Valley. While he didn’t specifically set out to beat the record against Marshall Ulrich, he did.

22 Badwater Quad Finisher, Lisa Smith-Batchen
Lisa Smith-Batchen became the first woman to complete the Badwater Quad, or four passes up and back through Death Valley. Her effort garnered her respect amongst her peers as well as continued to raise awareness for her organization, Badwater4Goodwater.


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