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As a member of the running and fitness industry, what I find most valuable about Alix Shutello is that she combines a passion for the sport of running along with a solid grounding in business. Alixs advice and views are always based on solid business sense and her years of marketing experience, and when she commits to a project or a deadline, I am confident that she will deliver as promised.  In a field where enthusiasm often overtakes true professionalism, Alix can be counted on.

Jeff Horowitz, Elite Marathoner, Race Director, and Author of Smart Marathon Training.

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(ERM) exists to provide insight, education and entertainment into the world of endurance racing. Over the past three decades, there has been steady growth in the number of athletes who are pushing their bodies and will to the limit by running, swimming, skiing, cycling and rowing distances that once seemed impossible.

Who thought triathletes would go on to compete in double, triple, and deca distance races and that runners would attempt to run hundreds of miles in a single competition?

This publication adheres to the competitive spirit of the endurance racing community; all of whom are looking for the best products and services to sustain them through training and competition.

As an ERM advertiser, you can be an integral part of the publication. We hope you will join us as this is truly is an exciting time for endurance racing, as more and more athletes are participating in ultra distance races, seeking a new and different running challenge.

ERM expects to be a global resource, not just a national one. To achieve a more global reach, ERM will be present on two websites, and

Targeted Content for Every Endurance Athlete

ERM’s goal is to increase awareness and education of endurance racing sports, races and races schedules, and all elements of training and managing work, family life, and training.

We will have stories from experts ranging from race directors, to coaches, to other athletes who will be providing sage advice and insight from their experiences.




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