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BioGenix Sports Optimization

October 29, 2012


BioGenix Sports Optimization is a high performance sports supplement company that prides itself on developing formulations that are specific to the performance needs of athletes. BioGenix formulations are designed to optimize the physiology that drives performance by nourishing these systems at cellular and intracellular levels. Our products address concerns in the hydration/electrolyte arenas with an extremely focused approach on the primary, secondary, and tertiary energy systems involved in sport-specific performance. We are one of the first companies that have taken into account the demands of specifics sports, the training cycles of the athletes, and the competition needs for that sport.  The Optimal performance line of products gives that extra something that coaches and athletes are looking for – an edge that comes on top of their specialized training and dietary practices.

Athletes can now take high end supplements that will help them OPTIMIZE their performance in the off-season, pre-season, and competition phases of their sport.

So what makes BioGenix products sport specific?

  1. A panel of sports experts has broken down each sport to its basics by looking at the physiology, the energy systems, the biomechanics, and the nutritional requirements of that sport
  2. BioGenix has developed formulations that address what an athlete needs on competition day to ensure optimal performance. We have developed products that will help an athlete prior to competition, during competition, and after competition recovery.
  3. BioGenix has determined that athletes are required to compete optimally and recover quickly.

BioGenix was started in 2006 by Dr. Corrado Cultrera and associates. Our team consists of a panel of experts that range from biomechanists, kinesiologists, medical doctors, physiologists, chemists, strength and conditioning specialists, sports nutrition specialists, coaches, and sport specific experts. Research is the backbone in the development of our product. Together we have developed a number of formulas which have been extremely successful in many different sports with athletes of all ages and abilities.

Case Study:

Jordan Bryden started competing in triathlons at the age of 9. He is now one of Canada’s top ITU triathlon athletes, and has been pursuing his goal of competing in the 2016 Olympic Games. Motivated by Simon Whitfield’s gold medal win at the inaugural triathlon event at the 2000 Olympic games- he dedicates himself daily to his training. Jordan lives in Calgary, Alberta and works with some of the best coaches that Canada has to offer. He is a 7 time national medalist and a former Junior and U23 National Champion. While he is focused on his training- he is also a community leader. He owns tricommitment.com- a community based program aimed to use triathlon as a catalyst to help kids get fit and gain confidence.


Jordan began competing in Kids of Steel triathlon competitions at a early age and enjoyed the thrill of competing. Hi raced in his first Jr. National Triathlon Championships at the age of 14 and began to work towards competing full time. In high school Jordan attended a “virtual school” that allowed for him to structure his schedule around his training.

Top 5 Accomplishments

  • Canadian Jr National Champion
  • Canadian U23 National Champion
  • Xterra Jr. World Champion
  • 5x Top 10 Pan Am Cup finisher

Recommeded for Runners: Especially Track and Field

The Optimal Power System will fuel athletes’ internal energy systems to promote maximal muscular contraction, maximal speed and agility, efficient lactic acid removal, and enhance the ability to repeat the sport specific action. This is the BioGenix answer to supporting the physiological systems which enable quick explosive movement and power development.

Read more at:http://www.bio-genix.com/system/optimal-power-system/





Recommended for Endurance Athletes:


If you are a ironman triathlete, your sport dictates what demands are placed on your body physiologically and chemically.  Our products tap into those systems so when the sport calls on your body to perform, the optimal environment is available to perform and recover.  We are not treating disease or injuries, hence an assessment is not warranted.  We know the systems and the demands of the sport and we promote optimal performance.

BioGenix Sports Optimization depends on a panel of experts that range from sports medical doctors, naturopaths, sports chiropractors, physiologists, chemists, strength and conditioning specialists, registered dieticians, sports nutrition specialists, coaches, sport specific experts, sport psychologists, biomechanists, and kinesiologists. We have deconstructed each sport and have come up with the parameters that make up optimal performance in each sport.  You can say that we have “assessed”  the demands of each sport from all angles and developed products that with provide the environment for optimal performance.  Research is the backbone in the development of our product.


Read more about the Endurance System at http://www.bio-genix.com/system/optimal-endurance-system/







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