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ERM Goes to Print

January 27, 2015


After managing this magazine for the past few years I want to give folks an opportunity to buy issues and print them. Please read this post carefully:

We have not designed our past issues for print.

Let me repeat:

We have not designed our past issues for print (they were designed and maximized for digital display ONLY. Therefore, should you decided to purchase a printed issue of Endurance Racing Magazine, including the absolutely fabulous Jan/Feb 2015 issue featuring Jennifer Chaudoir, you will be in for a surprise. The print product will have some content cut off the cover.

We of course are going to alter our cover design slightly but since weve gotten so many requests to offer print pubs, we want to give you all an opportunity to purchase our publications.

Please visit MagCloud our partner in this endeavour. Instead of purchasing a $10 annual subscription you can purchase issues one by one.

Endurance Racing Magazine Jan/Feb 2015



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