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Dick and Rick Hoyt Not Retired, Exactly

August 17, 2014

My friend, Evan and I had a dream about 20 years ago to run the New Balance Falmouth Road Race every year until infinity, but life and the race lottery got in the way. Over the past few years, weve been able to run together again twice. This year, I went at it alone but loved it just as much as always. I fell in love with the Falmouth Road Race at 18 and still, many many many years later, Im still in love with it.

The highlight of my race this year was not the race itself (even though the weather was perfect), but what came afterward.

755I couldnt help but notice Dick and Rick Hoyt at the awards ceremony. I am not one to go up and ask for photos but after about 45 minutes of standing right next to them I asked for a picture. Dick and I struck up a conversation; talking about life and running. I was humbled that he was willing to talk to me. Here is what Ive learned:

Has Dick Hoyt (age 74) Retired? Yes (and no). Hes done with the Boston Marathon and other triathlons. There may be a couple of 5ks left, but hes going to give his body a restwhich leads to the next question?

How many races has he done? 1100 races in his estimation. Id give my body a rest too!

Will Rick Hoyt (age 52) continue to race? Yes. Another member of Team Hoyt will carry the torch!

Next appearance for the dynamic duo? The Butterfly 5K in North Attleboro, MA on August 24, 2014.

Thank you Dick, for giving me some time today.







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