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Mar/Apr Issue of Endurance Racing Magazine

March 15, 2015

ERM_Mar Apr 15_COVERNewbies: We Heard You
The magazine was fortunate to receive emails from some of our subscribers telling us what they want. And what they want is more information on training – especially for new endurance runners. This month, we feature articles from veteran athletes with a lot of
races and experience under their belts (shoes?). These athletes – Jeni Goodwin, Roy Pirrung, Harvey Lewis, Tom Segar, Jay Markiewicz and others – have shared their perspectives, advice, and personal adventures to help fellow athletes learn the tricks of the trade.

Some of our athletes, like internationally reknowned Carlos Sa’ of Portugal and endurance runner Kevin Fowler of Michigan, USA, have been instrumental in designing their own races. When an athlete moves to the roll of Race Director (RD), there is an opportunity to not only race the way you want to, but to enjoy the fruits of your labor along the way. Carlos Sa’ created the Peneda-Gerês Trail Adventure® because
he wanted the world to see his beautiful county, and he wanted to showcase the beauty of Portugal to his own countrymen. As for Kevin Fowler, he was driven to race the distances he wanted to race. After consciously deciding that not all races must be long endurance
races, he wanted to focus on a range of stage races which could enable athletes to choose distances amenable to them.

We showcase a variety of athletes, such as Jo Meek and Ester Santos Alves, who were invited to run the Peneda-Gerês Trail Adventure® race this April. The women each bring a different perspective to the sport: Meek, from the UK, is a dedicated runner through and through, while Alves, from Portugal, began her endurance career rowing, then cycling, then running. She claims she’s drawn her strength and ability from having races in other disciplines, before finding joy in endurance distance running. And some of our pioneers, like Frank Fumich of Arlington, Va., are competing in the Race Across America (RAAM)
to push their physical limits; but Fumich tells us he’s also running for Ryan Diviney, a boy who was badly
beaten at college and suffered a traumatic brain injury.

We are introducing something new this month: a race calendar – another item our readers have asked for. The calendar and its corresponding race ads, are meant to keep our athletes “in the know” about upcoming events. This list will be maintained and updated regularly – so if you know of a race, let us know and we’ll work with you to market it.

Enjoy this issue – I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished for you this edition.

Alix Shutello
President and CEO
[email protected]

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