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Posts Tagged Harvey Lewis

Beware of the Yeti: A Story of the Arrowhead 135

April 3, 2015
Harvey Lewis

Beware of the Yeti The Arrowhead 135 – Legend of the Northwoods By Harvey Lewis There is a legend and mystique to the Arrowhead 135. In the far northern stretches of Minnesota, just below the Canadian border, athletes have descended annually in the dead of winter upon International Falls, otherwise known as “Frostbite Falls”,...
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Mar/Apr Issue of Endurance Racing Magazine

March 15, 2015
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Newbies: We Heard You The magazine was fortunate to receive emails from some of our subscribers telling us what they want. And what they want is more information on training – especially for new endurance runners. This month, we feature articles from veteran athletes with a lot of races and experience under their belts (shoes?). These athletes – Jeni Goodwin,...
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