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Editors Letter

February 15, 2013

/editors_letter_2/AlixMCMPhoto.jpgEditor’s Letter

One of the things I love about producing this magazine is that I learn so much.  The snowshoe community, while small, is literally bursting at the seams and wanting to grow into something big. The whole concept of recreational and competitive snowshoeing is not as popular here as it is in Europe; but those of us who live in states that get any sort of consistent snow each winter are soon going to see what a great sport snowshoeing is.

I’m happy to report that I now have my own pair of snowshoes and cannot wait to try them out. Perhaps while my sons hit the slopes this winter, I’ll attempt a jaunt on my new snowshoes.

I’ll admit that when I hear the word “snowshoe,” I picture the big wooden tennis racquet-looking contraptions people used to strap to their feet. As you’ll learn in this issue, snowshoes and snowshoe technology has come a long way.

The best thing I can tell you is that the three main snowshoe manufacturers featured throughout this issue – Kahtoola, Northern Lites and RedFeather – all are American companies manufacturing and selling American-made products. The athletes featured or mentioned in this issue love these brands. Some, like Lisa Schrader of Colorado, use Northern Lites for recreational snowshoeing and RedFeather for racing. Others, such as Josiah Middaugh (featured on our cover) and Travis Macy, race for and with Northern Lites; and Jared Scott touts Kahtoola as his snowshoe of choice.

Jan Feb CoverI interviewed a TON of people for this issue. It all started with Mark Elmore of the United States Snowshoe Association. His goal?  To make snowshoeing an Olympic sport. After talking with all the athletes I did, all I can say is, Why not? The sport has appeal. It is the winter version of running, basically. People who compete in snowshoe races compete like a runner would. In essence, I have no problem supporting the cause and the growth of this phenomenal, low-impact, high-intensity sport which is easy to pick up, inexpensive in terms of equipment, and – according to the athletes I’ve spoken with – a lot of fun.

I hope to write about my experiences snowshoes soon – and what I really hope is that I’ll have a snowshoe race under my belt, as well.

Please take a look in the Product Guide or throughout the magazine for information on the snowshoe manufacturers. Enjoy the issue!

As usual, we’d love your feedback and comments. Feel free to email me at [email protected].

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