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Posts Tagged BioGenix

Editors Letter: The Epic World of Adventure Racing

June 7, 2013
March April Cover Image

Exactly a year ago I was publishing the “Badwater Issue” for ERM. I was amazed that I actually interviewed some of the top endurance runners in the country, like the 2012 winner, Mike Morton. I also talked to everyone from Ferg Hawke to Frank McKinney to Marshall Ulrich to Chris Roman and may more....
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BioGenix’s Founder, Speaks on Athletic Optimization

February 4, 2013
BioGenix’s Founder, Speaks on Athletic Optimization

Hydration, and our ability to maintain a healthy balance in hydration, is something athletes traditionally focus on during the actual training session. Dr. Corrado Cultrera and his constituents believe hydration should happen months in advance, and that the BioGenix Sports Optimization system helps. Dr. Corrado, president and founder of BioGenix Sports Optimization, and his...
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Editors Letter: ERM 2012 Nov/Dec Edition

November 18, 2012

It’s a wrap! Yes, this issue concludes the first year of ERM’s existence as a magazine! I’m thrilled to say a lot has changed. As you can see, this issue actually looks like a real magazine. That is because it the content and images were designed and laid out by a real designer, Renee...
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BioGenix Sports Optimization

October 29, 2012
BioGenix Sports Optimization Sports Recovery headshot

WHO IS FUELING YOUR GAME? BioGenix Sports Optimization is a high performance sports supplement company that prides itself on developing formulations that are specific to the performance needs of athletes. BioGenix formulations are designed to optimize the physiology that drives performance by nourishing these systems at cellular and intracellular levels. Our products address concerns...
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