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Posts Tagged Mike Morton

Editors Letter: The Epic World of Adventure Racing

June 7, 2013
March April Cover Image

Exactly a year ago I was publishing the “Badwater Issue” for ERM. I was amazed that I actually interviewed some of the top endurance runners in the country, like the 2012 winner, Mike Morton. I also talked to everyone from Ferg Hawke to Frank McKinney to Marshall Ulrich to Chris Roman and may more....
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Morton Takes Badwater

July 17, 2012
Mike Wins HeadShot

July 17, 2012 Today, Mike Morton did something he alluded to over the phone a few months ago (see article). He told me he planned to do well at the Badwater Ultramarathon. His friends, who I interviewed for the May/June issue of Endurance Racing Magazine, believed hed take the first place prize. He did not dissapoint....
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April/May Issue of ERM is All About Badwater

April 25, 2012
Badwater Issue - March April 2012 FINAL 4-25-12 (web)_Page_01

The April/May Issue is officially published as of now. The web versions of all stories will go up during the week. I want to personally thank everyone who contributed, and to give a shout out to Chris Kostman for putting on an epic race, year after year. This year theres a real race brewing...
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Badwater Competitor 2012: Mike Morton

April 25, 2012
Mike Morton at Ulmstead 100

It is almost uncanny that a man who has been in the military for almost 22 years serving in both the Navy and Army and is also a Master Sergeant E8 Special Forces soldier does not have a distinct running plan. But for Mike Morton, who won Western States in 1997 (among other epic...
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