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The Importance of Goal-Setting

December 2, 2014

The Importance of Goal-Setting

by Todd Parker, M.A., M.S.

Todd Parker - Photo Shoot 1 Apr 2011 10As the season comes to a close, take a moment to study how it went for you. If your performances were haphazard, irregular, and often void of improvement, perhaps your program is lacking the important component of goal-setting. Develop and focus on realistic but challenging goals. These goals start with long-term ones that might be one year/season, or more short-term goals that are generally months of culminating successes from the continually updating near-term goals that may be days to weeks. However, every workout or training session should have some sort of goal or goals – even if that goal is recovery. Without “stepping-stone” goals each week, you’ll lack focus, not know if or how much you’re improving, and your likelihood of achieving longer short-term and long-term goals is like rolling the dice.

Rather than putting your dreams and goals into just hope and chance, focus on specific goals that will facilitate you reaching your optimal performance goals. There is no better way to do this than by having an outside professional (i.e., experienced, degreed, and certified coach) – with a non-emotional objective viewpoint – help guide you in goal establishment. If necessary, adjustments to those goals when life events and injury setbacks occur require another objective review. Bottom line, establishing goals and placing training and events in line with those goals will focus your training and position you to more often achieve optimal performances.

Plan for Success!

TP2 Website Shoot Mar 2012 35Coach Parker

Todd Parker is a former Professional Triathlete, an Elite Cyclist, and Professor with a Masters in Exercise Physiology & Human Performance. Todd is also a exercise physiologist, certified cycling and endurance sports coach, strength coach, and personal trainer. You can reach Todd at [email protected] , 215.80.Coach (215.802.6224), or at his secure website https://toddparkertrainingprograms.com/




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